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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and they had detonation, which causes it to -- it doesn't give time for explosives to go off. >> reporter: and later today, more explosives. they often saw basham walking around in fatigues. surveillance cameras can be seen on top of his roof. and they also found a load eed handgun in his car. he worked with apple co-founder steve wozniak president he described basham as a brilliant engineer. telling nbc bay area, i would classify everett distrustful of the government, as many of us are. bomb squads will be out here tomorrow morning around 8:00. they will detonate the rest of the explosives that were found today.
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>> thank you, george. more details on the proposed new gun laws. if passed, it would require all guns to be stored with a trigger lock or in a locked box when the owner isn't present. it would amend the use of a bullet button on a rifle to limit the speed of a magazine that's currently used. it's to prevent mass casualty situations. both bills are working their way through the legislature. yeah. i -- >> pretty scary. >> i really thought, this could be the end. >> held hostage by the most wanted man in america. suspected cop killer christopher dorner was holed up in an empty big bear cabin for days. but yesterday morning, that all changed when the owners came home. the couple would spend 15 terrifying minutes with the fugitive. >> we saw so many pictures of him. when he talked to me, he said, i
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know you've been seeing me in the news. i know you know who i am. >> a few hours later, dorner would be dead. why did the excop spare that husband and wife from the same fate as his other alleged victims? that story in ten minutes. we know the identity of the officer killed in last night's shoot-out. 35-year-old jeremiah mackay. the 15-year veteran of the san bernadino sheriff's department, leaves behind a wife and two, young children. lots of well -financed like and nonfriends for chris christie in palo alto as he got social with mark zuckerberg and his a-list friends. the ceo played host to christie to raise west coast cash for his re-election campaign. >> reporter: he left maybe 25 minutes ago. governor chris christie is on a three-day campaign swing through california, which ended this evening at the home of mark
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zuckerberg. new jersey governor chris christie arrived about 15 minutes before the event started. the governor is seen as a rising star in the republican party, after his passionate response to hurricane sandy. >> basically, the convergence of two rock stars. one, chris christie, as the governor of the state of new jersey. and mark being truly a rock star in the high-tech social networking environment here in silicon valley. so, they are -- they both have a real role to play with one another. >> reporter: money raised tonight will go toward the 50-year-old's gubernatorial run later this year. christie may seek his party's presidential nomination in 2016. >> to come to california to raise money, both republicans and democrats. >> reporter: zuckerberg and his wife introduced the governor to their social network tonight, which included silicon valley
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heavy-hitters. 100 guests were here, including condoleezza rice. a business ethics expert from santa clara university, says it isn't unusual for large companies to get involved in politics. >> mark being the chairman of a large company really has the responsibility to be able to nurture and to develop relationships with people in washington who may well end up regulating his company or clearly influencing the degree of success it would have. >> reporter: zuckerberg is not affiliated with any political party. in the past, he attended a dinner with president barack obama. facebook also hosted a town hall during his first year in office. zuckerberg donated $100 million to newark public schools. it appeared the governor stayed
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until the last guest left this evening. those guests could not tell us what the governor talked about this evening. but they did say that the food was amazing. live in palo alto, kimberly perry, nbc news, bay area news. the fair field man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 13-year-old girl may face the death penalty. 32-year-old anthony jones made his first court appearance today. he seemed unfazed as the judge outlined the allegations. the judge postponed jones' arraignment to give his lawyer time to review the 1,000 pages of the documents. and in the south bay, san jose police are investigating the city's fifth homicide in six weeks. a man believed to be in his teens was stabbed to death near san jose high this afternoon. it happened on north 21st street, not far from downtown. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects are in custody.
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police say the stabbing might be gang-related. a new report on the massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond shows it could have been prevented and may have been accelerated. the fire was caused by an old pipe that ruptured. chevron says it will inspect every pipe susceptible to the same type of corrosion. the report found chevron firefighters using tools may have accelerated the leak. it's tough to eat dinner in the dark. but the power is back on at san francisco's ferry building tonight. pg&e says the outage put the landmark and about 30 other customers in the dark for about an hour. among the diners caught offguard, jed york who responded with good humor. deja vu from the super bowl. supposed to have dinner at the slanted door restaurant. but the lights went out. i'm starting to think that's not a coincidence. it's the high-tech hub for
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vessel traffic in and out of san francisco bay. in a couple of minutes, i'm going to take you inside the coast guard command center. show you what's being done and what's not being done to protect the most traveled bridge in the bay area. once accused of battering his wife, embattled sheriff is making headlines again. but is he making light of the topic that almost got him kicked out of office? take a look at the sunset serenade. why a bay area artist's ode to his first love is being shut down.
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the manhunt is over.
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and christopher dorner is presumed dead. but there's a lot of questions. and late tonight, some revelations from the couple who walked in on the fugitive. they're still alive. and they're sharing their story. let's bring in robert from big bear tonight. this bizarre saga continues to unfold. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, we're starting to get some answers, raj. as you were saying, we thought they were housekeepers, a mother/daughter team. turns out, they were not being held hostage. turns out they were a married couple who owned the condo. they say christopher dorner, they recognized him right away, despite the five-days' old stubble on his face. dorner said to them, you know what i am. i know you watch the news. they told me, they knew exactly who he was. and they knew exactly what he was capable of. >> he wouldn't hurt us if we did what he said. followed his directions. we'd be okay. >> what were you thinking? >> i didn't believe him. i thought he was going to kill
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us. >> reporter: from the moment jim and karen reynolds stumbled on the man they believed was christopher dorner in their condo tuesday, they thought it was the end. karen tried to get away. >> when he said stay calm, karen screamed and started running. and he went after her. he caught her at the door. >> reporter: the couple said dorner must have been in the empty home since friday, when they came to do yardwork. >> he said, we're hard workers. we're good people. he talked about how he could see jim working on the snow every day. >> he was watching me work on the snow. >> reporter: he talked about them. and he talked about himself. >> i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> reporter: despite the reassurances -- >> he was very, very calm. and he really -- you really could tell he was professionally trained. >> reporter: they say dorner tied their hands and feet with
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zip ties, put wash cloths in their mouth and made jim and his wife wouldn't see what happened next. >> he laid us down in the floor. and he put that hood on, i was worried. >> i felt like it was a pillowcase over my head, i thought he may have changed his mind. >> reporter: instead -- >> when we were tied up and laying there, we heard him stuffing something in a bag or backpack. you could hear something being stuffed in a bag. >> he was packing up when we were laying there. >> reporter: he took off and the 15 minutes of captivity ended when the two managed to get free and called 911. >> and i grabbed the pillowcase. and then, pulled it off, with my hands behind. >> i got it off his head. >> and he got her gag off. >> reporter: tonight, the reynolds are back outside of the condo, but have yet to go back inside. >> over the years, there's been times when i go in, in the middle of the night, and you get a strange feeling. now, it's going to be a lot
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worse. >> reporter: jim and karen said they haven't been able to sleep since tuesday's ordeal. as jim walked away, i asked him, will you stay here in big bear? he said, no. we were thinking of going to retire. but now seems like as good a time as any. >> a chilling account. thank you, robert. barry bonds was not in court. but his attorneys were. and they were urged a federal appeal judge to throw out his 2010 conviction for obstruction of justice. the conviction was based on an answer he gave to a grand jury investigating the balco steroid scandal in 2003. the government alleged bonds evaded questions about steroids use. but bonds' attorney says he did answer the question at a later date. therefore, no obstruction of justice. >> the argument was he wasn't charged with the crime of which he's been convicted. and the crime of which he's convicted isn't the crime. >> if convicted, bonds faces two
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years probation and electronic monitoring. history was made as pope benedict xvi led his final mass as leader of the catholic church. he delivered a moving ash wednesday mass at st. peters basilica. thousands gave the pope a long ovati ovation. he will meet with the cardinals and they will choose his successor on or after march 15th. they're hoping for something special in the air. american airlines is merging with u.s. airways. the formal announcement comes tomorrow. and it will create the biggest airline. the new american airlines will have 900 more planes, 3,200 more flights and about 95,000 employees. consumer advocates say, the merger will increase ticket prices. however, industry officials say domestic u.s. airfares fell 1% between 2004 and 2011, a period that included several airline
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mergers. repairs to the fenders at the bay bridge are under way. you may remember they were damaged when an oil tanker sideswiped it back in january. that accident put the safety of the bay bridge back in the spotlight and the cost guard front and center. only on nbc bay area news tonight, we have new guidelines that could help protect the bridge. terry? >> reporter: the harbor safety committee is set to save from fishing accidents. this is for oil spill responders from the state of california. surprisingly, the question tonight is, are they doing enough to protect this bay and this bridge? >> each of these folks is taking reports from vessels. >> they have to go around. >> this monitor is showing both the sea from the automatic identification, or a.i.s., and also a radar return from each of the vessels.
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>> reporter: if you bring a ship or large boat into san francisco bay, the vessel traffic service knows you're here. in this traffic center room on you' ba baena island. we happened to visit when a kayaker went missing off richmond. she has been found safe. there's been bigger problems in this room. on january 7th, the overseas boat sideswiped a support tower of the bay bridge. no oil spill from the tanker. >> the committee looked at the existing guidelines for large vessels in the san francisco bay. and called for a review of the guidelines. >> reporter: the guidelines she's referring to were put into place after a ship hit a support tower in 2007, spilling thousands of gallons of fuel into the bay. >> the committee looked at the bay and identified those areas.
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and put in place nine critical maneuvering areas. and also put in provisions that if visibility is less than a half nautical mile at the dock, the vessel should stay at the dock. >> reporter: critical maneuvering areas are highly restricted parts of the bay. but the waters a n on the list of nine critical maneuvering areas. is that surprising to the coast guard? that the bay bridge itself would not be considered one of the cmas? >> i would say we're in support right now of the temporary guidelines that are being put forward to the harbor safety committee for voting tomorrow. >> reporter: that vote tomorrow will have large vessels using the wide span of the bridge and decreased visibility. and restrict outbound traffic when visibility slips below one half-mile. it does not put the waters under the bridge in a cma. but it heads in that direction. if the regulations are approved tomorrow, it would only be on a temporary basis. nothing permanent's going to be
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done until all the reports are in on january's accident reports from the coast guard, the barge pilots and the ntsb. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc, bay area news. looks like a beautiful night where terry is. >> jeff raineri joins us now. >> very comfortable out here. 48 degrees. we have haze across a lot of the bay. that is helping to cap off some of the heating we had today. not quite as cold as it was last night. three to five degrees warmer. that's why the east bay is dealing with widespread 40s. let's get you outside to our live h.d. sky camera network. midway through that workweek. and there's some of the pollution toward the foothills. toward san francisco, a gray start tomorrow morning. not only the haze here from the moderate air quality, but also the stratus. low areas of fog that will creep in tomorrow morning. but the fog will not be ruling the day. that's for sure. the high pressure system we've
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been tracking the past three to five days is still in the same spot. we're not going to see things shift until the high pressure moves off to the north. that will eventually snap the pattern. we'll get cooler air moving in from the arctic regions. that's going to drop the weather temperatures. but i don't see that in the cards until sunday. we are going to keep the hazy sunshine here for thursday and friday. it's not going to be mild for everyone. if you're headed to the beach thinking, we have a beach day coming, not quite. i'm going to burst the bubble here. 50s and 60s at the coast and the areas of fog to start tomorrow. and widespread sunshine in the afternoon. and temperatures in the 60s and 70s in the interior value lis. the last widespread day with the 70s looks to be friday. and saturday and sunday, we're going to see the numbers go down. you're going to be heading out in the sunshine, a word of warning here. allergy forecast has ticked up. tree, mold, juniper and birch have increased. a lot of the pollen is moderate
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or high. if you suffer from allergies, you may want to take frequent breaks tomorrow. maybe the sierra's a break for you. the cold, dry weather can be good if you have allergies. sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. snow base at 25 inches. and we hear from alpine meadows. the chairs are turning. even some of the recent dry weather is not stopping them from enjoying the snow in the sececeary ras. a hazy and mainly clear start for the south bay. 42 in san jose. and 43 in the almaden valley. daytime highs, the warmest across silicon valley. get comfortable here in the east bay. not as warm. 68 in the castro valley. 65 in pleasanton. and 67 in pittsburg. back across san francisco, 67 for you. and 70 anticipated in santa
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rosa. three-day forecast keeps it dry through valentine's day. and we are expecting showers by next tuesday and also wednesday. as i said before, mother nature is showing us some love. we've only had ten days of rain in 2013. so, that is a present that i'm going to take and cherish. i'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't switch up on us. >> valentine's day would have been so much better. >> it would be good. rain's romantic, they say. >> thank you, jeff. up next, a few sore muscles. the giants hit the field for spring training.
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as you all know, texting is banned for california drivers. voice texting could be next. state assemblyman jim frazier is proposing a ban on all electronic devices. you might have to say good-bye to siri.
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san francisco's sheriff recently accused of domestic violence, is helping to organize a flash mob by county prisoners to protest domestic violence. it's happening tomorrow on valentine's day. ross mirkarimi's own case last year -- his wife, is expected to take part in the flash mob event tomorrow. mayor ed lee are holding their own anti-domestic violence event tomorrow, as well. we're back in a moment. the latest from spring training in arizona.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports net studios. tim lincecum taking the mound. last october. more from scottsdale on the first day of workouts for pitchers and catchers at giants
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spring training. >> one of the first questions that bruce bochy got after practice and workout number one for pitchers and catchers, was how the team looked. and he said you can't answer that. all you're doing is looking to get rid of the cobwebs. they have 37 pitchers in spring. they're going to lose a lot of guys to the wbc. tim lincecum throwing his first bullpen session. guys that didn't throw off the mound, sergio romo and barry zito. they'll do that on friday. and the goal for day one, get some conditioning, be healthy and stay healthy. >> i feel ahead of where i was last year. last year, coming into it, i was trying to lose the weight from the year prior. and this year, i feel like i'm strong and throwing on my legs. >> madison bumgarner said he was getting tired at home. and he says the cold doesn't bother him.
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a lot of the position players are in camp here in scottsdale. their first official day to report is friday. and their first workout will be on saturday. reporting from scottsdale, i'm ahmad fareed, nbc bay area. a's camp manager bob melvin says the a's are in an enviable position. now, the a's have to figure out how to work in all the stellar arms. a tough job for the pitching coach, curt young. >> the quality is here. the arms are here. the success from the past is here. it's not just expectations, what they might do. they've already done it, which, you know, is a good feeling for the whole organization. you hope to get this to this point, where you have guys that you know you can count on. they count on themselves. the team counts on them. the 49ers say farewell to a team member of their front
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office. tom gamble has been hired by the philadelphia eagles as the team's vice president of player personnel. i'm dave feldman. raj and jess are back with more after this.
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is it tomorrow? >> it is tomorrow. >> if you're not sure about what you're doing for valentine's day, here's an idea. >> how about a free oceanside concert at sunset. isn't that beautiful? an artist and skult per. tomorrow's the last day. you can see it. take your loved one with you. >> right there on the ocean. >> that's so romantic. >> the weather forecast. got to love it for tomorrow.
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